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Reframing success in the context of people + purpose

The Challenge

Market shifts and policy debates made 2018 a tricky year for the healthcare industry. Gilead’s position was further heightened with the announcement of leadership changes. The company needed a unifying message to reaffirm their longstanding values and mission – one that would bring employees, investors and the broader healthcare community together. Its annual report presented the right moment to tell Gilead's story in a fresh, new way.

The Idea

Gilead is so much more than just a pharmaceutical company. Their mission is rooted in a powerful belief that science can improve lives around the world. As one of the most philanthropic companies in America, Gilead is a natural home for people who are driven to uncover and advance breakthrough medical innovations. Bringing to life the stories of the people behind those innovations presented a chance to reaffirm Gilead’s role in the world and its commitment to patients facing unmet medical need.

We gave a platform to Gilead’s purpose and let it shine.

The Engagement

The deeper we dug into Gilead’s mission, the more inspired we were by what we found. This company was full of inspirational stories rooted in its purpose. To bring those to life, WE created a Year in Review experience: an interactive site that allowed visitors to explore Gilead’s key focus areas, its commitment to its people and its impact on communities. WE also developed a suite of engaging social media content and a letter from the new CEO that set the context for the downloadable annual report.


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